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2009 06 10 “How many lives can a person have?”

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UPDATED 20090612 15:05 CEST
LIVE STREAMS  from debate at Media Art Café Berlijn, Enschede NL, 12 june 2009 – 15:00-17:00 CEST

Mp3 audio:


Mobile phone video stream:

Virtual World:

Follow these streams in the company of others at MAC Berlijn on Second Enschede sim in Second Life (Free entrance)


For help and live contact please join

!!! If you are at this event and sending a webcam or other stream or uploading pictures or Twittering or blogging, please share your URL(s) in the comments here!


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2009 01 31 Berlin Transmediale Festival

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LIVE STREAMS  during PLANETART Meta.Live.Nu cross-reality event Berlin Transmediale
31 januari / 1 february 2009:
Live sounds and images from different locations: Berlin (Germany) and newBERLIN (SecondLife)
DFM RTV INT live streams with DJ Jce Emoto &  others:


C-BASE Space Station BERLIN:

  1. – c-base video cam  1
  2. – c-base interactive video cam 2
  3. – Fernsehturm / c-base video cam 3 (saturdaynight)
  4. rtsp:// (Quicktime) c-base video cam 4 (saturdaynight)
  5. (Mp3 audio)  crowd noises live from C-Base (saturdaynight)




More live streams might appear here as well. Please add a related stream URL in the comments if you know more then we do! 🙂



until after the event with possible changes/corrections/aditions .

Please refresh this page often!

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