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2009 01 31 Berlin Transmediale Festival

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LIVE STREAMS  during PLANETART Meta.Live.Nu cross-reality event Berlin Transmediale
31 januari / 1 february 2009:
Live sounds and images from different locations: Berlin (Germany) and newBERLIN (SecondLife)
DFM RTV INT live streams with DJ Jce Emoto &  others:


C-BASE Space Station BERLIN:

  1. – c-base video cam  1
  2. – c-base interactive video cam 2
  3. – Fernsehturm / c-base video cam 3 (saturdaynight)
  4. rtsp:// (Quicktime) c-base video cam 4 (saturdaynight)
  5. (Mp3 audio)  crowd noises live from C-Base (saturdaynight)




More live streams might appear here as well. Please add a related stream URL in the comments if you know more then we do! 🙂



until after the event with possible changes/corrections/aditions .

Please refresh this page often!

post updated  20090201  01:30 CET


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